Trucking is one of the nation’s largest industries and is responsible for much of the freight hauled within the United States. According to Expert Market, 72.5% of America’s goods are transported by trucking fleets. This means that there are always trucks on the move, and just like any other mechanical tool, they will break down and need maintenance.

Fleet maintenance services are used to help keep trucks on the road and deliver the goods consumers need. Any downtime decreases productivity and performance, and your small business could suffer. Time off the road costs money and time, so proper maintenance schedules are recommended for fleets of all sizes. But what does this maintenance actually provide to the fleet?

Decreased Downtime

A truck sitting in a lot is a truck that is not making money for the company. In order to maximize productivity, all trucks have to be used to their fullest extent. If problems can be prevented, downtime can be minimized, and trucks can spend longer hauling freight.

Saving Money

Preventative maintenance is proven to save money in the long term by preventing important parts from breaking. This includes oil changes, fluid flushes, and replacing worn parts regularly. These are relatively quick and inexpensive, and greatly reduce the chances of a catastrophic failure.

Improved Safety

Catastrophic failures are never good, especially when traveling at highway speeds. These can often be dangerous for your drivers and the people around them at the time of failure. By preventing these failures, it keeps everyone out of harm’s way.

Increased Longevity

A truck operates a lot like a human body. If you take the necessary precautions to extend your own life, it’s more likely to happen. If certain measures are taken to extend the life of a truck, it will pay for itself in terms of productivity in the future.

Customer Satisfaction

Finally, short downtime and less expensive repairs lead to faster service at a lower cost. This will keep your customers happy and coming back year after year. This cannot be ignored when looking for maintenance services.

Fleet maintenance services are important, especially for small to medium-sized fleets. We can help your trucks stay on the road and move your freight. Contact Modern Fleet Services to see how we can help your productivity today.