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What Maintenance Services Does My Fleet of Vehicles Need?

Every Floridian business owner who has invested in a fleet of commercial vehicles understands that repair and maintenance work is practically required. If you are new to managing a transportation fleet, it’s helpful to have an understanding of what auto repairs are most common for large vehicles like delivery trucks, box trucks, semi-trucks, and vans. Read here to learn more about our fleet repair, maintenance, and inspection work.

What Repairs Do Semi-Trucks Require?

Fleet trucks require quality parts, up-to-date inspections, and stability to travel long distances. Some of the most common semi-truck repairs result from any of the following:

  • Tire Blowouts – Long-distance travel practically demands tires that are neither overinflated or underinflated.
  • Broken Brakes – Brake tests conducted by auto professionals can save one of your vehicles from breaking down mid-trip.
  • Oil Leaks – An oil leak is a common truck issue that could cause friction between auto parts. This friction can even cause part failure. Having this issue avoided way ahead of time is crucial.


Whether your semi-truck uses gas or diesel, our technicians can provide expert assistance. Whether you need a gas or diesel mechanic in Ocala, FL, we’re happy to help. Our crew is here to provide you with more information on our Ocala, FL truck repair services.

What Repairs Do Vans Require?

Commercial vehicles that smaller-sized businesses use are typically vans. Though a lot of the repairs they require are similar to semi-trucks, there are some key auto issues that vans are prone to. Here are some common van problems that require attention:

  • Engine Failure – Take notice of engine lights that pop up on your dashboard to seek repairs that you need immediately. Coil issues ad glow plug failures are easily taken care of by our certified technicians.
  • Oil Pressure Issues – Common oil pressure issues like air in the oil, leaks, and a blocked oil filter are van problems that can be avoided by hiring exceptional inspection services like ours.
  • Clutch Loss – A worn clutch makes shifting between gears difficult, making driving feel less safe and easy for your drivers. Accelerating and braking feels dependable with our help.


Whether you need a gas or diesel mechanic in Ocala, FL or a nearby area, we’ve got you covered!

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